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Subtitle extraction - RxCarmen - 2023-06-22

Hi, jellyfin newbie here

Wondering if anyone has a guide on using the subtitle extract plugin. I have installed the plugin and ran it from schedule tasks but it doesnt seem to do anything, the task completes within a second.

Is the plugin meant to extract subs into a separate file? and if so, where are they located? I am mainly trying to extract subs from mkv files with SSA/ASS subtitles to get the andorid app to use directly play instead of transcoding due to subtitles.

my current setup is within docker/container station on a qnap device.

RE: Subtitle extraction - crobibero - 2023-06-22

Yes, the plug-in extracts the subtitles, and places them in Jellyfins metadata folder. It is a very simple plug-in that just calls an internal function on every movie or episode in your library

RE: Subtitle extraction - RxCarmen - 2023-06-22

Thanks, is there a specific folder within metadata I should look out for? running the task manually causes it to finish instantly with no new folder creation.

logs show

[INF] [45] Emby.Server.Implementations.ScheduledTasks.TaskManager: Executing "Subtitle Extract"
[INF] [45] Emby.Server.Implementations.ScheduledTasks.TaskManager: "Subtitle Extract" Completed after 0 minute(s) and 0 seconds

RE: Subtitle extraction - crobibero - 2023-06-23

It shouldn't ever take 0s unless you don't have any Movies or Episodes in your library.

I have my server set up with the official docker image, my extracted subtitles are under /config/data/subtitles/*/*.srt

RE: Subtitle extraction - RxCarmen - 2023-06-23

Thanks, I will play around with my current setup and find what is causing the plugin to finish quickly.

RE: Subtitle extraction - RxCarmen - 2023-06-25

Just to update, I managed to fix the issue with extraction. Ended up using docker compose to manually define the cache and config locations and I can see the subtitle folder.

last question I have is how do you tell which subtitles are for which media? the subtitle folder contains a number/letter folder with a set of seemingly random value names. Is there a way to link these up with the correct files?

RE: Subtitle extraction - thornbill - 2023-06-25

I believe the filenames correspond to the item id in Jellyfin.

RE: Subtitle extraction - Shadowghost - 2023-06-26

If I remember correctly the item IDs are calculated by adding the file pathe to a static string and hasing the result with MD5 or something...

RE: Subtitle extraction - wolfrumble4398 - 2024-05-03

Dumb question, but if you delete the movie through Jellyfin, will the subtitles extracted also be removed? Also, if I delete the movie folder using File Explorer, the subtitles extracted will not be removed then?

RE: Subtitle extraction - TheDreadPirate - 2024-05-03

Yes and yes. Though if deleted in file explorer Jellyfin won't delete the subtitles until the next scan or if real time monitoring is enabled.