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Convert Dolby Vision to MKV - alan - 2023-07-23

My LG TV doesn't like DV movies in JF (no problem streaming them).
How can I convert a DV to MKV likely using ffmpeg (open to other options)?

RE: Convert Dolby Vision to MKV - TheDreadPirate - 2023-07-23

Did you enable transcoding and tone mapping?

RE: Convert Dolby Vision to MKV - alan - 2023-07-23

It's a 4K TV with JF client usually so doesn't need to transcode though it is enabled. Where's tonemapping located? Still hunting for it.
The gotcha is the DV container doesn't play well with the LG G3 hence the re-encode. Running on Win 10.

RE: Convert Dolby Vision to MKV - TheDreadPirate - 2023-07-23

Same location as the transcoding settings. Settings > Dashboard > Playback. About halfway down the page. "Enable Tone Mapping", a bit further down from "Enable VPP Tone Mapping".

RE: Convert Dolby Vision to MKV - TheDreadPirate - 2023-07-23

Also, what kind of hardware does your server have?

RE: Convert Dolby Vision to MKV - alan - 2023-07-24

Do not see "Enable Tone Mapping" under Dashboard > Playback. This is 10.8.10 on Windows 10 x64. No hardware accceleration is enabled. CPU is i7-6700 (Skylake), 16GB RAM, over 20TB disk. How would tone mapping resolve DV?

RE: Convert Dolby Vision to MKV - bitmap - 2023-08-08

So....two things. First off, there's not really enough info to diagnose the issue here. Are you experiencing green or purple hues? That indicates a DV metadata reading issue, which could be related to a few issues, but likely one in particular -- to the point that MP4 is coming back into vogue for DV fanatics. Or is it a playback error? In that case, it's time for a good old-fashioned log hunt and you probably want to post your logs or a snippet after you recreate the issue.

Second, wondering if this has to do with the DV profile issues that have been plaguing folks for forever? I don't believe the most recent server update resolved any of them. The fix? Use DV in MP4 containers or have media with HDR/HDR10 fallback metadata.

Okay, maybe three things. Depending on your version of ffmpeg, most current releases aren't capable of transferring DolbyVision metadata during encoding. I'm not sure about 6+ or custom-built versions, but the docs don't seem to have anything and all the help I've been able to find has wild, circuitous workarounds just like it always has.

RE: Convert Dolby Vision to MKV - alan - 2023-08-08

The issue is Dolby Vision videos playing in green hues. I understand it's a container issue but it's not quite as simple as converting to an MP4. There are tools out there, I've not had luck with any conversions though. My TV streams DV fine - just DV videos (files) causing this. Be great if JF could re-encode DV but doubt it's a priority.


and the DDVT_MKVTOMP4 script:
ffmpeg -y -i file.mkv -strict experimental -loglevel error -stats -map 0:v? -map 0:a? -dn -map_chapters -1 -movflags +faststart -c:v copy -c:a copy -strict -2 file.mp4

RE: Convert Dolby Vision to MKV - TheDreadPirate - 2023-08-08

When you say it "streams DV fine", what do you mean by that? From Netflix or Disney+ or another streaming service?

Do you know what DV profile your file is in? Streaming services will use profile 5 or 8. Blurays are typically profile 7. Most devices smart TVs that can playback DV natively will usually only support profile 5 or 8. The bluray players will do all the work for profile 7.

Profile 5 should be in a mp4 container. Something about detecting it better. Profile 7 and 8 can be in either mp4 or mkv.

RE: Convert Dolby Vision to MKV - alan - 2023-08-08

I can see the profile (DVHE or "Dolby Vision High Efficiency Video Codec") with Mediainfo.
HDR format Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.05.06, BL+RPU
So just converting a profile 5 like the above to an MP4? Will try with Handbrake.