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OS question - Tober - 2024-04-21

Hey all, new to all things jelly, but over the past month had fun setting up a server on my gaming pc and getting all the art's running too. However I've decided to buy a dedicated pc to run my server so I can leave it on all the time and it won't drink power like my gaming rig does. 

So far I have done all my learning on windows as that's what my pc runs, but I see people tend to say that's the worst option due to the load of just running windows being high. Unraid is pricey and Linux intimidating if I'm honest, but I have played around before with "lightweight" and stripped back versions of windows such as Atlas OS. They behave just like windows but are less resource intensive and "cleaner". 

Has anyone here ever set up a server on anything like that? Can anything think of why it wouldn't work or why I shouldn't bother ? 

Thanks in advance!

RE: OS question - Serge K - 2024-04-21

Linux is not intimidating, Linux is interesting OS
I have Qnap NAS and I installed OMV on it.
I like OMV.

RE: OS question - TheDreadPirate - 2024-04-21

If you actually want to get up and running and use Jellyfin, just use what you are comfortable with.

If you want a project so you can learn, go with Linux.