10.6 Metadata access changes

Prior to the 10.6 release, I was able to access the metadata list, select a directory and perform a “Refresh Metadata” from there. This was very handy as with a very large media collection, I didn’t want Jellyfin to perform a full re-scan if I’d just added some movies to (for example) the “Horror” directory.

In 10.6 this feature no longer exists - the only options are “Save” and “Cancel” (or more literally, “X”) - so if I add a handful of movies in a specific directory, Jellyfin has to perform a full re-scan of everything (or at least that entire library).

Any chance we could get the previous functionality re-instated in the next release? :pleading_face:

Hi there,

This feature was removed from the 10.6.0 release but should be re-instated for the 10.6.1 release

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