A couple of suggestions for the "Reports" plugin

I recently installed version 10.6.3 of Jellyfin on Windows 10, and I was very pleased with its capabilities, but I really needed some way to extract a listing (preferably in CSV format) of all the media files in the library. I finally figured out that the “Reports” plugin, once I discovered and installed the latest version, did exactly what I needed.

Well, almost. One issue I ran into immediately was that the CSV export uses semicolon (";") as the column separator character, but unfortunately the individual tags in the Genres column for Movies are also separated with semicolons, and there can be a variable number of those tags, so that throws off all the subsequent columns. So either the export needs to use a less-common separator character, or provide an option to choose something else.

The other thing I’d like to suggest/request is the addition of a couple important video-related values - the Aspect Ratio, and the Frame Rate. Bitrate and Profile would be really nice, too, but in my opinion secondary to Aspect Ratio and Frame Rate. The reason I would like these in the report is that I’ve collected videos over a long period of time, using different transcoding methods, so having those video characteristics helps me figure out no only what I’ve got, but some idea of the quality.

Anyway, I hope someone involved in the development of the Report plugin sees this, and takes it into consideration for future enhancement. Thanks!

You may have better luck reporting this on the repository for the plugin itself. If it’s reported next to the code it’s more likely to be remembered and worked on in the future.

OK, thanks. I was hoping not to have to create yet another account (GitHub), but that probably is the best way to get the request directly to developers.

The reason I suggest that is because requests here will close after 3 months without a comment, and the plugin devs aren’t super active here. If none of them had seen it in that time, there’s a reasonable chance that it would have been missed entirely.

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