A few random feature questions

Hello there guys,

i’m a new and extremely happy Jellyfin user :slight_smile:

I am running it on a ubuntu desktop server, and reverse proxy with https with caddy everything is running fine. On my clients i mainly use Kodi due to it’s great codec support.

Now i have a few questions which might maybe improve the already great experience:

1- what can i still do to improve the server security wise? Running a VPN Client on the server and forward the ports to Jellyfin for example?

2- when i am setting up subtitles on the server, i noticed that 1080p HEVC files fail to open (not supported codec), but 4K HEVC files do… So i have to check on Kodi if the subtitles are synced. Why is that? Because i am running the server on Linux, or because of the Browser (Firefox)?

3- which is the easiest client to use for music playback (flac/ dsd files)?

4- when i have 2 different versions of a certain movie, on the server i see a little “2” on the movie cover. This way i can select which version i want to open. But on my Kodi clients it just opens one version, not letting me chose which one. Is there a way to do this?

5- i read you have improved .ass subtitle support in 10.6.0. one particular movie of mine has an .ass subtitle file, but it’s way to big an shown in yellow… Is there a way to change font size and colour on the server, or do i have to do that on the client side?

6- has the native android client app better codec support than firefox on linux or windows?


Keep up the great work. Will definetly contribute to some of the people involved in the project