Adding files to Library does not work

I am running Jellyfin 10.6.3 on linux Raspberry Pi4 (Raspbian 10 / Buster) installed from .deb package downloaded from your website recently. I had previous version installed, but upgraded to the latest version via sudo apt get update, sudo apt get get upgrade command.

I have two external disks attached. After adding paths to library, scan is having trouble to find movies or tv shows and update them correctly from movie databases.
All this was running fine before upgrades, so permission to folders / files is set correctly.

I have tried to re-install Jellyfin, no joy.
I have tried to point library to filesystem (in my case SD card and random folder) instead of external disks so I could be sure, it is not reading permission issue. No joy either.
I have removed users. Just in case some is blocking something…

I did re-scan multiple times libraries. I have created new one’s with different naming. No joy.

I have today cleared cache, log and transcode directories and tried again via Jellyfin.
Scanning library for some reason says canceled. I did not cancel anything (screenshot1.png).
Metadata are created with correct names according to folder structures.

If some file is found, there is no art / graphics database info with it. Media will not play.

I have uploaded my log files here cause I could not do it in this post, files not supported for uploading, only jpeg… gif…

From what I can see in your log file, the “adding to library” problem seems to be caused by the naming of your files (or more specifically, directories);

[2020-08-21 18:33:56.003 +02:00] [ERR] No series results found for "man vs wild season 4"
TvDbSharper.TvDbServerException: No records are found that match your query; Resource not found

You should separate your shows into seasons under a primary directory for the show; for example,

Man vs Wild\
     Season 01\
          Man vs Wild S01E01.mkv
          Man vs Wild S01E02.mkv
     Season 02\
          Man vs Wild S02E01.mkv

Improperly named media will cause the lack of metadata, but it shouldn’t cause the scan to be cancelled. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of Jellyfin will be able to spot something of more concern in your log.

Hi Cognicon,
I do not think, the naming is the root cause of library not detecting movies or TV series. To support that theory:
I have removed all libraries for TV series. So the only library that is active is for Movies, about 30 titles.
Movies are in folders with their original names, for example Gladiator (2000), inside is file Gladiator (2000), subtitle file. Some of the titles are not in sub folders. This theory should either find movies in folders or movies not in the folders with proper naming.
I made a copy of file Gladiator, just changed its name and put in in directly in Movie folder, so it is not in sub folder.
I will re-scan library.
If movies are not properly detected, than naming should not be the root cause of the problem (brainstorming, analysing).

Result: Library did not find all titles. Library did not find title Gladiator or its copy. Library is stuck with one title (Think like a man), that is there. But no database poster, info. I deleted this title from hard drive. Re-scanned. It did not fix in any way.
link to updated log file from today can be found here:


At the end…

I would like to thank all developers for their hard work with Jellyfin, with bringing this project to life, with maintaining it and creating new functions in their free time. I hope, that you guys will come up with solution. I will provide as much information as needed. If necessary, I can share screen via Teamviewer.
Thank you.

Running 10.6.4 now. All libraries have been found but it was not after upgrade. I do not know, what caused this issue. But I have recently rebooted my router. Switch off and switch on. And from that time, libraries have been found. I can close this ticket by myself so developers can focus on important things. Thanks anyway :).