Adding media with optional network folder NFS - for AndroidTV?

Ubuntu 20.04.1 server with Jellyfin-server installed via docker-compose.
My media files are stored locally on this server.

Long story below, short version: do the AndroidTV and Android apps of Jellyfin use the optional shared network folder path of a library (which you can add to Jellyfin Server when adding media)? Or is that only meant for Kodi and desktops?

I managed to setup NFS server, using NFSv4.2 as that version allows server-side copy, I need that on my laptop (also Ubuntu) and managed to mount as NFSv4.2 as well. Took me quite some time to figure out.
My etc/exports shows
On my laptop (client) I had to mount it as nfs:// (not the full path as shown in /etc/exports on the server) because that is the only way NFSv4 works.

But can Jellyfin for AndroidTV now use this NFS path as well, after I add the link to the media library folder in Jellyfin server? Or does Jellyfin for AndroidTV never use the direct path? How about the Android app?

Or is the option to add the shared network folder to the path of your library only for Kodi?

That network path is only for Kodi. Everything else goes through the server. So for example:

Client Program (Android TV) <-> Jellyfin Server <-> Media File (wherever it may be)

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Thanks, I could have looked in the apps and see that for myself probably… sorry about creating this topic!