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Attention: Forum Will Be Closing
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Hi all,
It’s with great regret that I’m advising that we’ll be closing the forum soon.

We don’t have a date set, but we expect to likely do it with the next release, 10.6. Based on current work, I expect this to be within 30-45 days time (but this may change).

We talk to our users on Reddit, Twitter, GitHub, and in our chat rooms. We see so much traffic in these areas, that we’ve become too spread out trying to also pay attention to the forums here.

We may come back to a forum in future, but I want to make sure people get answers, and don’t get stranded here thinking we’re not listening. We are! But there aren’t enough of us in the contributor team that have time to also answer every thread here.

For now, I will be disabling new sign-ups. When we close posting, we’ll still keep the forums up for a bit in “read only” mode, like an archive. Before we shut it down, we’ll save the data in a backup, just in case.

Thank you for supporting Jellyfin, and we hope to see you at any of the other places we can be reached:


Hard reading, but just signed up for Reddit… It’s a lot of work :muscle: for you and it’s also important to make it easy for you guys :wink:
When that’s said, your work is awesome! :+1:

Well, that’s a bummer, but PLEASE: instead of just saying “there are other places:”

  1. Link to them and,
  2. if at ALL possible, pick one as the preferred support forum; otherwise, you invite confusion as people try to find the best place to interact.
    Thanks much!!

I’ll add more links. The one at the end of the post is updated most frequently out of them all to be sure.

I’ll add more guidance there as to the best routes.

Personally, I disagree with this decision. Having a forum directly handled by you allows for better organization, etc., and the quality of discussion is generally better than on other platforms. It’s also easier to maintain longer discussions, etc. Github would be the next best, but it would probably be best to do as most other groups do and leave Github for development, and allow the forum to include all discussion not directly related to specific features or improvements. Twitter, Reddit, etc. simply don’t allow for the same quality of interaction. Additionally, if you don’t have enough resources, you could lower the priority here, but allow members to help each other out and publicly state that you’ll only check here infrequently, etc.

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I agrre with @Asati
Why not link e.g. Reddit to this Forum? Personally I’d rather search for Help here and would not think to go to reddit.
But it seems that it is a trend to move to Reddit.

It’s also an issue with the software (Discourse). Don’t get us wrong - we want to have a forum, this just isn’t it.

We’re gonna work on a replacement. Hang tight.

Edit: Also - people don’t read as many notices as you might think. I could probably leave that banner about it being member to member but it would largely get missed. Like I said though, we’ll be back with something soon.

It’s not so much that it’s a trend to move to Reddit, it’s that we have already nearly 11k subscribers on Reddit, since that was the easiest to start with first. It’s also something that a lot of the Admin team uses regularly as it is.

Can honestly say I’ve never found the folks on Redit to be that helpful regardless of the topic. Very scattered responces, harder to get a concise answer, lots of misinformation. Personally I"d drop Redit long befre the forums.

A lot of us still do frequent it! More than here, that’s for sure. Right now we might be a bit quieter because we’re preparing some spectacular features for 10.6.

Thanks for all your work on the forum. I have found it very useful. What would be the best way to get automatic notifications of new Jellyfin releases?

What a bad news !
Reddit / Twitter a replacement for a forum : what a bad joke :frowning: and a wrong statement.
Well, of course, this is my point of view, but the quality you get from reddit (and even worse from twitter) is simply so low that many would not loose time submitting question or finding an answer. Searching or having a global overview, like what you get with a forum, is nearly impossible with those mediums.

My proposal :grinning: : shutdown reddit, twitter, facebook, google… (we do not need them in our life :slight_smile: for support and put a strong focus on the forum. The forum probably needs to be a bit more structured (add sub topics per platform for example) but, at the end, this is still the best place and medium to share knowledge, solutions, documents, screen capture, logs and make it an useful searchable archive.

And if your are not convinced, look at what the other major solutions provide:

In fact, I cannot find any solution that do not provide forum support.

Well, I wouldn’t have had any reaction if the content of this forum had been useless, but I found it so useful that I just wanted to share my sadness that it will soon disappear.

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I didn’t say that we wouldn’t provide Forum support, just that this forum isn’t working right now.

Many people come here trying to get the attention of the other team members, and I’m probably the only one to post regularly. We’re all volunteers. I can’t force them to come here, and it’s very tiring trying to keep up by myself.

When the team is slightly larger and in a better state to support things, then we will come back to a forum.

We agree that a forum is needed for better long term discussions, but right now I’m the only one answering.

To everyone - would you rather keep posting to a forum where I can only come by maybe once a week and reply to a few threads, or rather a larger Jellyfin contributor base that talks more regularly here?

Regardless of what you answer, right now - only the first one is happening. Unless you can help me get more team members answering here, it becomes exhausting because I don’t have all the answers. I’m not too deep in to the server or web code, and the people that are familiar with it are in all the other places. For example, I’m regularly copying links from this forum in to the chat room, poking for an answer, then posting back when I get one. This is even on top of all the other things I do for Jellyfin.

Here’s a list of the things I do:

  • Handle the PR for the project

    • I run the Twitter account
    • I’m one of the page admins for Facebook (where we don’t even accept messages)
    • I’m a moderator on our subreddit
  • App Store Manager - Package and release apps to stores

    • Submit Fire OS and Fire TV apps to Amazon
    • Submit channel updates to Roku
    • Submit Android and Android TV apps to Google
    • Submit Xbox client updates to Microsoft
    • Submit iOS app updates to Apple
    • Make sure that we have a test server ready for companies to review our apps
    • Answer e-mail questions that come to the App Store support accounts from users
    • Act as liaison/main contact person for Jellyfin to publishers
    • Act as liaison/main contact to other third party app integrators (Yatse, Firecore Infuse, MrMC)
  • Being one of the admins for the GitHub organization

    • Set up Azure app integration for teams and manage access
    • Set up SonarCloud integration as requested by teams and manage access
    • Help manage 34 team members across 10 teams and 57 repositories incase permissions need to be fixed or adjusted
    • Try to review any PRs I can and merge them to keep things up to date
  • Write blog posts for the main website when needed

    • I had to finish the conversion of the move to Hugo

Things still to do:

  • Finish the macOS packaging so we have a working app with code signing (actually an advantage over some other clients)
  • Re-write the entire Windows installer, and integrate the tray app better
  • Get the Windows packaging signed to help reduce install friction

And I still carry on my regular day job, try to fit in some games with friends to relieve some stress, and help take care of my family and home.

Sorry I didn’t explain this before and that it had to come to me saying this, but this is why I’m trying to re-think this and slow things down. I’m scrambling to find more time in my day - I’m writing this at 4 am.

You’ve all got me reconsidering so I might hold on to Discourse a little bit longer. (Some other admins, if they had their way, would be much more comfortable with phpBB or similar.)

But even if I keep these open, you’ll have to be patient with me. Is that okay?


Sorry, didn’t mean to get upset. It’s been a long day.

Hi @anthonylavado,

To answer your last question : of course it’s ok ! You make an outstanding work and support for this project.

Your description of currently managed task by you is just… amazing ! I’m sure everyone better understand the situation with this new enlightenment (at least I do).

I feel a bit unfair by sharing my pov regarding the forum short term shutdown. Sorry for that, is was not the intention.

Now the fact that so many important and key actions relies only on you is probably a bigger risk than forum disappearance. Once you’ll get tired or bored about all of this all the community will greatly suffer.

I hope it will not happen. Thanks for your work Anthony !!

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