Auto Grouping of Titles

Hello, fairly new Jellyfin user and I did a search and really could find exactly what i was looking for. I know in emby there was a script I could run to do the function I am looking at. I know there is a manual way to group versions in a library but is there a way to get a plug in or script to do it automatically with jellyfin? For example I have a 4K library set up with two different folders on that share and inside those folders there are many of the same titles. On the library dashboard it shows both of those items rather than one. I have pretty big lib so where as i should have like 150 movies it shows like 300 for example. is there a way to only show one artwork like you can with the manual version grouping?

As far as I know, Jellyfin uses the same convention as Emby - have a look at this page to see how to name multiple versions.

yeah i can have the name naming convention but they are not in the same folder. I used this on emby and it worked well.

I don’t think that’s a possibility with Jellyfin, unfortunately - though I’m happy to be proven wrong by someone with more knowledge/experience with the software.

Edit: Just had a thought… What if you disconnect the second filestore from Jellyfin, and simply create links in the primary filestore pointing to the video in an alternative resolution?

For example…

  • In /mnt/sd you have a file named Kill All Politicians (2020) - 720p.mkv
  • In /mnt/hd you have a file named Kill All Politicians (2020) - 1080p.mkv

… then simply ln /mnt/hd/Kill\ All\ Politicians\ \(2020\)\ \-\ 1080p.mkv /mnt/sd/Kill\ All\ Politicians\ \(2020\)\ \-\ 1080p.mkv

Symlinks are an excellent suggestion here.