Basic Setup Stuff

I just heard of Jellyfin yesterday and just installed it. Seems pretty straightforward…ish. I used the quickstart docs here:

I did not do anything with step 4:

  • Secure the server with a method of your choice.
  • Create an SSL certificate and add it on the Networking page.
  • Put your server behind a reverse proxy.
  • Only allow local connections and refrain from forwarding any ports.

Based on reading those setting I would think this is only necessary if you wanted to allow access outside the LAN but not sure. Wouldn’t know how to “create” an SSL certificate.

The only error I got on install is that it said the service failed to start. However, on the local host i can open it and completed configuration so I think that was false?

All that being said shouldn’t I be able to type in the server host name or IP at port 8096 and get this identical interface? I don’t…hence this post. It just times out.

Is there an actual operation guide that goes beyond what is in the quick start or am I missing something super simple?

Thanks in advance for the help!

What is your machine?
What type of installation did you follow?

At the beginning, I advise you “Only allow local connections and refrain from forwarding any ports.”

Indeed, in local access, there is no need for https / ssl / certificate, …

Yes, I followed the Windows section here. The box is Windows 10 x64 and is fully up to date as of today and when I installed this:

…and got the downloads from the “stable” Jellyfin repo.

I just ran the executable “jellyfin_v10.4.3-x64.exe”

I am seeing it and get to the web interface on that physical machine but not on my LAN.

Yes, I have now disabled “Allow remote connections to this Jellyfin Server.” It was enabled by default if I recall correctly, but I thought it may have somethign to do with any access other than “localhost”.

Do you have some firewall software by any chance?
Like Windows firewall blocking Jellyfin for some reason…

I do not…nothing that isn’t installed with Windows anyway.

To the outside world you wouldn’t be able to see this of course, but internally I have nothing.

Windows Firewall comes with Windows, and has been known to block us before.

Could you follow the steps here, and open port 8096?

Do I need an incoming or outgoing port opened?

Also, it’s a rare event when an installer doesn’t do this anymore. Is this something that is feature lacking or is there some other reason why it wouldn’t open the port automatically?

Thanks for the help!

PS: Inbound rule got it working.


Usually Windows prompts you, which is why we didn’t put it in the installer.

I’ll add it to my notes for the installer redesign v3 :slight_smile:

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