BFG/Repo cleanup


We’re planning to do the repo cleanup ( soon, along with consolidating the dev and master branches. Topic to track the progress/planning of this.


Alright so I think the final (push) size is like 24.8MiB.

EDIT: Results viewable here


So I think we should do the 3 major projects as quick as possible after each other: jellyfin-web, since it’s down to 3 PRs (including your WIP @EraYaN), then jellyfin-android, for similar reasons (I think it’s good soon, or do you want to do more cleanup @dkanada?), and then finally the main repo. Assuming @nvllsvm is available this weekend we can certainly do it then.


jellyfin has been purged. jellyfin-web is already 74MB so I don’t see much of a point.


jellyfin-web I already did purge, when I split it.

Mmm why didn’t it do down further? I seems like the --mirror repo was not directly pushed to jellyfin/jellyfin, hence the requirement to do the tags manually I think. I wonder what that 50MB extra is used for by git.