Boxsets not working too :(



Okay so I installed the auto boxset plugin and it generated the boxsets but didnt add the movies too them?? So I tried to manually add them to the boxset and nothing happens? I also created one, done a libary scan and its been deleted?

Here is the XML file I opened up in the JF Data:

Which suggests it has linked them - not sure why it has so many times though?

Also just a side note how comes on Episode data for TV shows there isnt TheTVDB showing? As I thoughht something was a miss as my tv shows had no episode data so I enabled TheMovieDB and working but just wondered why the TVDB isnt there like it is for series data?

I have deleted the collections folder and also deleted the collections from the Data folder in JF - tried to generate a collection manually, still no joy :frowning: . It simply generates the boxset but will not add to it?


Same problem here too. Generates a cover but won’t add anything to the collection.


Glad it’s not just me lol.


Same here - Not a biggie - Just thought i’d state that its probably happening to everybody! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, the issue is with Collections and how they’re handled in the main server. We have a fix we’re Trying to get in soon: