[bug] Mapping channels with multiple m3u tuners and XML epgs

I have 3 M3U tuners (plutotv, stirrtv, PBS stations). And I have 3 XML guides for each one respectively.

When I add each guide, I add it ONLY as guide data for the tuner it goes with. For example, here I have the XML guide data for PBS set to only work with the PBS tuner. And so on for each tuner.

However, when I add a new tuner and XML guide, even though that guide is set to ONLY work with the corresponding tuner, it erases the current guide data and mapping of my previous tuners and doesn’t allow me to remap.

For example, with both Pluto and PBS added, attempting to map PBS only shows me the Pluto channels - even though the Pluto Channels are set to ONLY work with the Pluto Tuner:

The upshot is that this bug makes it nearly impossible to run multiple M3U tuners.

my workaround with exigma2 (each channel its own xml/m3u):

find XXX -type f -iname “*.m3u” -exec cat {} >>XXX/tv.m3u ;

—> single file tv.m3u for JF

Thanks for the reply. Forgive me but I don’t understand your post. I get the idea of each channel having it’s own xml/m3u - but wouldn’t that mean I’d be adding hundreds of m3u tuners?

Also, I don’t know what exigma2 is - I googled it and couldn’t find any info.

sorry for bad english…

My tuner is an enigma2 box. This generate for each TV-channel a m3u-file. The (linux) script-line add all m3u to one file named tv.m3u

You can also edit your 3 m3u to one test.m3u.

I understand now, thanks very much! And your English isn’t bad at all! I’m just new to all this.