Cache needed for unmounted storage drive

I really want a cache for my use which is quite specific :

I want to search media on an android device whith poster, cast, note, filter, search … Because my box is only upnp/dlna/aircast .

Once I found a movie I want to watch I mount the drive on my server and send it from android to my box->TV .

The server (not a really one, just an old pc) is quite always on but the storage drive with my movies (external 3"5 mounted with an usb interface) are on demand , I don’t mount my 3 external HD always because I just want to watch 2/3… movies (900 in total) a week.

When the drive are mounted : delicious !

But when unmounted accessing jellyfin remove all fanart, poster …

I think a cache files is needed, readed when files aren’t accessible, and not replaced with db refreshing.

It’s seem quite simple , I love and use Tinymediamanager and it’s the way I’d like jellyfin will work :

  • Adding medias, metas, and arts when HD mounted.

  • Keep accesing all stuffs either HD are offline (of course with warning if trying playing unmounted movie).

Don’t know if it this can interrest some people or is a priority, but if not I perhaps will help developping it.

I really want a media server which fits MY needs.

Sorry for the fluency, I’m just an old french man.

Keep up the good work !

The way current library scanning works is that any media Jellyfin can’t find during the scan (like when drives are unmounted) then it will delete them from the library.

Is there a specific use case you’ve got that requires umounting the drives on your server all the time?

The drives are old and have only my movies on it (900), I don’t need permanently access to the whole everytime, I just watch 2/3 movies in the week-end.


If the drives only have your movies on it then they should power down when not in use. Thus would be off for most of the time anyways even if left mounted on the system

Hum not really what I want : this is how I do :
Pc on in a room drive not connected, Box in another
On an android I choose a movie from the library and get its path.
Go to the pc, connect the correct drive (usb) there are plenty of them
And with the android begin the stream to the TV via the upnp box.

I know this is not a common use, but it’s mine, perhaps can you point me some files I can hack to achieve this goal.


@porkabul This currently doesn’t exist in the system and is something that we are looking at, but not for the same reason. Sometimes people will lose connections to their drive (by accident), which is why we are looking at this.

There aren’t any files you can really “hack” to do this right now though. It requires some big changes in the heart of the server.

That said, @TrueTechy is correct - if you leave a drive plugged in, after a few minutes of not using it, it goes to “sleep” and stops moving. It will stay stopped until something scans it again or asks for a file. It’s not always running, and is pretty safe. I understand if you want to keep disconnecting them though.

thx @anthonylavado I understand for the disk sleeping, but I have to many to plug them all.

Hum… Jellyfin has a cache, I have some images in my /var/lib/jellyfin/metadata/library/XX/…
Perhaps a temporary solution :
if the drive/library is not mounted, don’t refresh the cache, I don’t know all the in and out but this simple solution seems easy to me.

Best regards.

You could disable the scheduled tasks which perform automated scans of your libraries. By default it’s every 12 hours

The scheduled tasks are setup in the server dashboard under Scheduled tasks. The “scan media library” has a trigger for every 12 hours by default. If you delete that trigger it should stop scanning automatically.

No content will then be deleted if a drive is removed, however to get any new content you’d need to manually perform a scan and at that point any media on drives not connected will be removed.

If your issue is number of USB ports you could also get a USB hub, if only one drive is ever accessed at a time then there should be no bottleneck, though I’d imagine you’d need a powered USB hub for the power demands of many drives

@TrueTechy I will test disabling the scheduled task, if I connect a drive to add content to it I can manually update its library. I think I must made a library per drive to update only the connected one.

For the USB drives many are SATA 3"5, connected via a SATA/USB adaptator and an external PC power (USB haven’t enough amp for them). I forgot to mention my PC is a portable.