Caching on IOS client

Another person moving from plex :grinning:.
I can’t find it in the documentation, but how do you cache media locally on iOS?

At this time it is not possible to store media locally. It’s a popular feature request though.

If you enable media downloading on the server, you can download files directly to your iThing - though if this isn’t implemented in the client app, you’ll need to do so from a web browser. Click the three dots for the media and choose “Download.”

Thank you for getting back to me Niels. Unfortunately the 3/4/5G networks aren’t always as reliable as they could be when I’m away from home. Downloading a particular Media file is extremely useful for me.
Do you have any indication when this feature would be available?



Thanks Cognicom, I tried that, I think the files downloaded, but I have no idea where. Any suggestions?



This is the link to the feature request if you’d like to stay informed. But it’s a feature that requires a lot of time to implement. We currently do not have a volunteer for that. Even if someone started working on it today it would take some months (if not longer) to get it working.

Basically to support watching content when not connected to the internet we need to not only synchronise the video’s but also the images (posters / banners), metadata (title, description, cast etc.) and the structure of the library (folders, seasons etc.).

The “download” button is a way to download media and watch it with another videoplayer on your device. I’m not sure how it works on iOS though.

Sorry, I don’t have an iDevice to experiment with to tell you conclusively. Have you looked in whichever folder your browser normally saves downloaded files to?

As a workaround for now, if you have DLNA on your server, and you’re locally connected to the same network, you can us VLC to download and playback later. It won’t save your watch progress back to Jellyfin, but it’s something.