Can't Delete Recordings Android

I’m not certain, but I think this problem only happened since upgrade to 10.6.
There doesn’t seem to be any way to delete the TV recordings in the Android app (V 0.11.3)
The server is WIN PC based.

Are you still able to delete recordings when using the browser/browser on a PC?

The Android app needs an update to get the latest web client into it, so this may be why there’s an issue.

Yes, the PC browser works OK.

Okay, there’s an update for Android that has been published earlier today, but it will take some time to get approved/distributed. Once you get it, try it out and let us know.

Don’t know how long this process is supposed to take, but as of 6:00 AM EST, 7/25/20, the Android app in the Play Store is still the old one.

That’s super weird because I do see it, at least on the web:

OK, I’m confused.
This app looks like it was designed for a phone, not a TV box.
I tried it and I don’t see the left hand menu, and I can’t seem to navigate with my remote.
The one I’ve been using is titled “Jellyfin for Android TV” and mostly works.
Which one should I be using?

OH! Pardon my confusion as it wasn’t clear. There are indeed two separate apps, one for Android phones/tablets, and one for Android TV.

I’m not sure about deleting recordings from the Android TV app, let me move it to the other category and ask a team member there.

Should I have posted this question somewhere else?

It was partly my confusion for not reading your first post fully and noticing the version number. That and there are multiple subcategories under “Support”, including different ones for Android and Android TV. The post was under Android, so I assumed it meant the “touch” app. There are different people working on each, so I made the separate categories for them to follow.

I’ve asked with the folks that work on this, and they don’t believe it was ever an option in the Android TV app. Only in the web interface (which includes the “touch” apps, or using a browser).