Can't view photos in web interface

I can’t view photos in the web UI. Thumbnails show fine, but if I click on any photo it only shows the image viewer controls (left and right arrows, X to close) but it’s just black in the middle where the image should display.
Videos play OK in all clients.
Photos display OK if viewed through the android app or if I browse the server through my TV’s DLNA client.

Server: 10.4.0_x64 stable running as service (Network Service account with permissions added to JF folder). Clean installation through exe package installer.
Server Platform: Windows 7 x64 clean VM on Hyper-V, all security patches to 17th Oct 2019.
Clients tested:

  • Windows x64 = Chrome x64 77.0.3865.120, Firefox x64 69.0.3
  • Android 4.4 device = Chrome & Firefox
  • Android 9.0 device = Chrome, Firefox & JF native app.

Connection is over LAN/wifi, same subnet, only HTTP, no reverse proxy.
Media: *.jpg and *.JPG stored locally on server, approx 5MP resolution

I also experienced the same behaviour when testing the previous version of JF 32 bit on a Win 7 x86 VM, using a different batch of photos.

There doesn’t seem to be any error flagging up in the log either:

[2019-10-18 07:55:17.960 +01:00] [WRN] HTTP Response 200 to "". Time (slow): 0:00:01.0339549. "http://jellyfin64_test:8096/Users/aa289397a78e4eb89977e674ebd6669c/Items/52f1cc5cfe5ba8c9452cebe7bca9e026"

Anyone else having the same issue?

This is an error that has recently been fixed, and will be part of the next update.


Awesome. Thanks for the update.