Chaining with Plex server to acquire free stream content

Hi All,

New here so bear me…:clown_face:

So Jellyfin is making great progress. But Plex just announced free (legal?) streaming in a big way.

Now is there a way /package that can direct Jellyfin users to Plex as a connected network drive to return fresh (not yet acquired) streaming content that is then also stored in the appropriate library folders?

This way Jellyfin users extract a good benefit without needing to switch back to the Plex underworld they just left.

Of course this methodology could be generalized to acquire other Server/Cloud content…think it is already done somewhere !

Interestingly, we’ve had a large influx of users lately because people don’t want this feature from Plex. They only want their content, nothing else.

That said, I don’t believe it’s possible to do this, and even if so, it would be breaking a lot of the content agreements that Plex has in place. They’ve specifically made deals with all the content owners/studios for the content they offer, and it requires an enormous amount of resources to:

  • broker these deals
  • set up an advertising backend to pay for these deals
  • set up/store the content in dedicated stream servers around the world
  • ensure these streams are a well protected as possible
  • endure that any geo-located restrictions are enforced

This is something that a company with millions of dollars can do, not us. At best, someone would have to create a plugin to enable access to “video” from other sources, but that’s outside of our scope and also legal liability.

At the end of the day, we focus on your local media, and that’s what we’ll contribute to do best :slight_smile:


Personally, I don’t like the turn that Plex takes. This is one of the reasons why I discovered Jellyfin.