Change the default images of artists without photos


Is there a way to change the default image for artists who are without photos? (Jellyflin is installed on a synology NAS ) ?

I would like to be able to replace these images with something that are better for my theme :


Thank you in advance !

Hi Prisme,

These are based on Material Icons. More likely you can check the Jellyfin documentation CSS Customization and search " Stylized and Smaller Cast & Crew Info" should give you an idea of where to start. I haven’t try such things so I’m not 100% sure it is possible but it gives you a starting point. Maybe another person will be able to reply further.

Hi Skorium !

My explanations lacked details. Currently, I use Jellyfin only for music. I had already looked at the page you shared, but it seems to me (even if it remains a track) that it concerns mainly movies.

As for the music, there is on Jellyfin (and I use MusicBrainz for metadata and tags) two sections: a section “Artists” and a section “Album Artists”. For the “Artists” section, if the photos are missing, I put them myself. But for the section “Artists from the album”, as soon as you have albums with a group, an orchestra etc…the number of artists explode. And as I don’t plan to look for the guy’s photo who plays flute three minutes on an album…I’m looking for an image with a nice appearance for these future thousands of musicians who will not have their own photo. :slight_smile:

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