Chrome and H265 Playback

When I try to play a x265 HEVC file in Chrome it doesn’t work and crashes with the web player. (version 10.6)
Then when I do the same with MS Edge (the old one) it plays without a issue. (although it says 4k at the quality, but at the video info while playing it shows a video resolution of 1920x1080)

Is the transcoding profile for Chrome incorrect?

Hi there, are there any errors in the browser console when the playback stops in chrome? You can press Command+Option+J (Mac) or Control+Shift+J (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS) to jump straight into the console panel.

Jellyfin gives the message,

(translated into English)

Play Error

This machine is not readable with the media and the server does not send readable media formats.

In the console I see the following errors,

VM9:1 GET https:///videos/5452a84c-78e3-8ced-9e28-5c6d19a45800/hls1/main/0.ts?DeviceId=&MediaSourceId=5452a84c78e38ced9e285c6d19a45800&VideoCodec=h264&AudioCodec=mp3,aac&AudioStreamIndex=1&VideoBitrate=316597132&AudioBitrate=384000&PlaySessionId=&api_key=&SubtitleMethod=Encode&TranscodingMaxAudioChannels=2&RequireAvc=false&Tag=fe34cad9bb74c00925a8af4edde9f9dc&SegmentContainer=ts&MinSegments=1&BreakOnNonKeyFrames=True&h264-profile=high,main,baseline,constrainedbaseline,high10&h264-level=51&h264-deinterlace=true&TranscodeReasons=VideoCodecNotSupported&allowVideoStreamCopy=false&allowAudioStreamCopy=false&allowAudioStreamCopy=false 404 (Not Found)

htmlMediaHelper.js?v=22:1 HLS Error: Type: networkError Details: fragLoadError Fatal: false

Did you play the same file in both chrome and Edge? There’s an open github issue that says that error is related to the file not being on disk so it’d be strange occurence?

Yes its exactly the same file.
It is definitly not related to a missing file on disk.

Your best bet is probably to either chat with the web team on matrix or raise an issue on the github repo for the web