Chromecast casting error

Hello everyone,
i’m facing an issue with all my chromecasts (Nvidia Shield and Chromecast and also Google Home) when i try to cast from my phone (video but also music) : MessageChromecastConnectionError
When using the Jellyfin Android app i can connect to the remote periphéral (for example chromecast) and it waits me to start playing something.
When i try to play anything, i always receive this error message :

I am using the latest beta version for Android app 2.2.2 and the latest nightly build jellyfin-server_20201205.29-unstable_amd64.

The Jellyfin server is running under a Proxmox virtual machine that is completly available under the same network subnet. No routing at all between phone and chromecast.

Answer was given here :
Jellyfin 10.7 RC1 issues with Chromecast

In short : It’s needed to select unstable in Chromecast setting in Jellyfin interfaceand also reload the tab in web and clear the cache on Jellyfin app in Android application settings.