Couple files not scanned

Hi All,

New Jellyfin user here. Version 10.6.4 on windows 10 x64 installed through binary installed yesterday.

I have 2 out of 782 movies (all MP4) that just won’t show up in Jellyfin. I have only been able to find one of them at this point simply because by chance it is part of a series of movies and its missing. All others but this one in particular are in the same folder following the same naming convention as all other files. I am stumped as to what might cause this. I can post the log file if needed but someone will have to tell me how since it sees the log entries as links and Im a new user here. :flushed:
Really hoping someone can help.

Thanks tons to all the devs for a great piece of software by the way, I am a long time plex user and this has so much more of what we like and want.