Create daily programming based on local media

Are you tired of having to choose? Do you miss the good old days of just surf what TV had to offer and stay to whatever pleased your eye at the moment? Do you remember getting excited about watching a Movie, sunday afternoon?

Well, im here to pitch you to “Downgrade” to the good old days. Yes! To force you to watch whatever is in a digital channel.

What? did you said What do you mean random stranger?

Here is how it would work: You download all the movies, music and tv-shows you like. You categorize and tag the shit out of them. Probably you already do that.

NEXT: This plugin is in charge of creating digital channels with different programming. You can arrive at a started show, or when is just beginning, and you can surf the digital EPG to find something you like. Then, this plugin learns from your behaviour. Did you just watch two episodes of The Simpsons and then enjoyed a movie? Let’s do that every day in this channel, changing the episodes and movie each time. Did you liked watching that animals show at 3pm? let’s do that every day in this channel. You don’t like anything in your current channels? Let’s create a random one, just to see if it pleases you.

You can also create your own channels and design your perfect programming week. Arrive everyday at 4pm to enjoy your favorite show! Get excited about sunday with trailers about what will be shown sunday afternoon at channel 9 called “My Very Own HBO”.

Hope I made myself clear. Tell if you liked or if you are currently developing something like this. Love y’all!