DLNA issues on Panasonic TV

Hi there

I’m a new user of Jellyfin and have been making good progress. I have it integrated with NextPVR and can stream to my tablets via the app and Roku devices. I’m using Jellyfin 10.6.4 on windows 10

I’m stuck on DLNA. I cannot stream anything to my TV. I have also tested streaming to the TV with Windows 10 built in media streaming and Serviio. They both work.

I have setup a profile and removed any directly play. The file I am trying to play is

Fourth Protocol 0:32 / 2:22:59 - Ends at 21:43
Playback Info
Player:Html Video Player
Play method:Transcode
Stream type:HLS
Video Info
Player dimensions:1920x937
Video resolution:768x576
Dropped frames:0
Corrupted frames:0
Transcoding Info
Video codec:H264
Audio codec:MP3
Bitrate:3.5 Mbps
Transcoding progress:5.4%
Transcoding framerate:472 fps
Reason for transcoding:
Original Media Info
Size:1.4 GiB
Bitrate:1.5 Mbps
Video codec:MPEG2VIDEO Main
Video bitrate:1.4 Mbps
Audio codec:MP2
Audio bitrate:128 kbps
Audio channels:2
Audio sample rate:48000 Hz

The TV say file not supported or could not play file

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried different formats to transcode (both audio and video) I’m sure its something straight forward as everything else works great

Sorry I have had to remove logiles from my post as it would not allow links, if there is a way to upload them I can