DLNA on TV empty list

I configured Jellyfin and on Firefox I see my libraries, I also can use the TV as the Web GUI player.
But on my TV, i can see Jellyfin DLNA but the list of video is empty.
I configured the debug on DLNA I only got those lines:

[2019-12-16 17:38:04.822 +01:00] [INF] DLNA Session created for “[TV]Samsung LED48” - “UE48HU7500”
[2019-12-16 17:40:06.169 +01:00] [ERR] Error parsing item Id: “V”. Returning user root folder.

what did I miss.
updt: also tried a docker version, same result :frowning:
thanks for your help

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Same here on my Samsung UA49J5250AK. The “Play To” function from the web interface works perfect. That means DLNA is working fine. The TV shows Jellyfin and displays 3 options on open. Pictures, Videos and Music but does not find any media inside. I am running a debug log now to see if there are any related errors.

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Hi all - we’re aware of a variety of DLNA issues. We hope to have most cleared up with the next release (10.5). No date set yet, but we’ll let you know.


Hi. No worries. I can live with the “Play to” option. Working DLNA would be nice but as long as there are other options I’m totally fine. You all doing a great job and I love the software.

Same issue here: Only top level folders are shown, but are empty.
Is this a matter of profile configuration?

This is still broken (10.5.5)