Docker and DLNA


I pulled the latest docker version of jellyfin and after a lot of messing around got it to run.

I start it like this: docker run --rm -d --user 500:504 --name=jellyfin --net=host -v /store1/jellyfindocker/config:/config -v /store1/jellyfindocker/cache:/cache -v /store1/media/ -v /etc/pki/tls/certs:/certs jellyfin/jellyfin

I enabled DLNA in the advanced settings but I simple do not see jellyfin on my vlc client. I do see other devices but jellyfin is not showing up. running tcpdump -Aq udp port 1900 does not show any traffic from the jellyfin server ip.

The only thing I could find was to use the -net=host but I am all ready doing that. I have read issuies with jellyfin refusing to play after exiting the client but I do not even that that far.

I use my vlc client on the same subnet as jellyfin. VLC sees my minidlnad on a VM on the same host with only ip address higher.

There are no iptable rules for the internal network. (and yes policy is allowed)

I should see something via tcpdump right?

The webinterface tell me I have jellyfin 10.2.2

Any suggestions?

No one out there with any suggestions? Jellyfin DLNA (yes I know I made a mistake in the name) is not showing up at all.

Sorry for the delay. Let me ask around.

hi, any news about the issue?
I’m running jellyfin docker on docker hub on xpenology and the dlna won’t discovered over the network in host mode and also in port mapping.

The instances of jellyfin I have running in docker are getting the wrong IP for the server when trying to send out the DLNA messages. Works fine on the same server if installed on the OS itself. Other docker containers I’ve tried do work with DLNA though so I’m thinking it must be a jellyfin issue

It’s probably getting the Docker internal IP (I know very little about Docker). I’ve heard people say that you need to use “net=host” or whatever option in order for it to work.