Does Jellyfin actually fully work as a DVR in the UK?

Hi all,
I’m a complete newbie when it comes to configuring media servers, I think my brain is not what it once was.
I’ve managed to get Jellyfin working with my own media files, but despite looking all over the net I can’t find a clear solution to setting up the Live TV with a working EPG.
Can anyone point me to the right place for getting hold of a working XMLTV file for use with the UK’s freeview channels. I followed the instructions from, but it’s very basic and although I thought I found the correct file it didn’t do anything. I don’t mind paying for an EPG if it works)

My HDHomeRun tuner is working, Jellyfin shows all of the correct channel names, but that is it.
There is no program detail and I have no guide at all, see pic.
Does Jellyfin actually work as a DVR in the UK?
Many thanks

This is another view I get (can only upload 1 pic at a time as a new user

I’m curious to see if this now works? I’m looking to set up the same but this is a game changer for me if it doesn’t work