Does jellyfin use up download data


I am a rookie at this and not very computer skilled but skilled enough to know that I didn’t download 1/2 tb on my comcast account in just 9 days. for years I always kept my collection of data down to just under 1 tb since comcast deleted the unlimited and want to change $50 more for the same thing I had for 15 years. One TB is the limit and $10 for 50 gigs after that. I am now trying to get to the end of this problem because I do not want to give comcast another nickle more than I have to. So here is what I am doing. I have my pc with windows and 3 4tb externals that I play on my smarter than me tv. If I play a movie that is 1gb, with jellyfin will that go against my provider limits?
I am sorry if this is a stupid question I grew up taught that no question is stupid.


If they are on the same network, the answer is no. Even if they are on separate VLANs or you use your external IP to connect, your router should be smart enough to do a loopback afaik.

Jellyfin will download images and other metadata from the enabled metadata providers though, but I can’t imagine it being more than a few gigs at most for a very large collection.


thank u and u gave me other info I was not aware of. One thing I did not understand is my router doing a loopback afaik. My modem is my router. I have no other device and I have not confidence in anything comcast uses to be smart. I love Jellyfin. I could not get Plexx to work right. I want to make jellyfin my go to program and want to take advantage of its options. thank u for your help, chances are I will be back.