DTS 5.1 via 2.0 sound bar - no audio

I’m trying to play a DTS 5.1 movie via the Jellyfin app using directstream, but I’m not hearing any audio. Is the device not capable of downmixing the audio?

When I play it via my android phone it seems to work.
I’m not having luck with downmixing to stereo within Jellyfin either. Probably some incorrect setting on the Jellyfin server.

Setup: I’m using a MiBox S that plugs into the TV via HDMI (non ARC), and and a 2.0 soundbar that plugs into the TV via optical cable.

Hrm. What you’ve described should work. I’m not sure if it’ll make a difference, but try selecting a player in the app settings. The options should be: Auto, libVLC, or ExoPlayer. Try the two dedicated options and see if one fixes it.

Using directstream:
Auto / ExoPlayer: Video plays fine, no audio
libVLC: Nothing happens / player crash
External: When I choose VLC player (standalone install on the system), video and audio plays fine

Is there a way we can enable debug or trace logs to figure out what the problem is?