Emby coverart plugin

Can this be considered or was it an Emby only plugin?

I think we have all possible plugins pulled in. I was unable to find properly licensed source for that plugin (or any source for that matter), if you find one we can work on it as well as on other plugins.

CoverArt is a premium plugin

was it written by the emby team? if not would the author look at a version for jellyfin? It was the only reason I was considering a premiere subscription.

It is indeed written by the Emby team, so I don’t think there’s any source we can work from.
I found this forum post describing what it did (at least in version 4.0 from 2013, archived for safety):

Does that look accurate? Is that what you’re looking for?

Hi Anthony that’s it! Too bad it can’t be installed as a Jellyfin plugin. The WMC client was never updated to support UHD’s so they always show with 1080p icons.

Coverart was about the only thing of value for me because it would have showed UHD borders with WMC but I could never justify the premier cost and didn’t want the check license every 7 days or so.

I’d really love a plugin like that!