Emby Roku/ Apple TV Apps Jellyfin compatibility

Would like to replace Emby server with Jellyfin (just became aware of Jellyfin.) Primary use case is watching on Roku through Emby app or on Apple TV through Emby app. Can the Emby Roku app or Emby Apple TV app currently be used (April 2020) with a Jellyfin server (version 10.5.4?)

Emby Apple TV App Version: 1.4.4
Emby Roku App Version: Unknown

Our Roku app is in beta right now. There’s info in our subreddit: https://reddit.com/r/jellyfin

The Apple TV app from Emby locks out any Jellyfin server. Infuse and MrMC on Apple TV are currently beta testing full integrations. More on that soon hopefully.

How can the Roku beta app be installed? Don’t see it in the browser version of the Roku store.

You won’t see it there, you have to go to the special link: https://my.roku.com/add/jellyfinbeta