EPG: Link from Service not working in Jellyfin

I am using a web based provider m3u-editor to create the m3u list and EPG. The m3u link from my account works and channels populate. The link for the EPG never puills in any info, I download it to the local and use the local file option and it works fine. The end result is I need to update the local file every two days and replace it and re-link it to keep the guide alive. The update now function will not work for the obvious reason that the file only has two days of guide data. The online file refreshes and if I could pull from there the update function would be very easy.

Thoughts on why it is not finding the web file.


Does the URL for the file require any authentication/sign-in, or can you just open it without issues?


There is no obvious UN or PW in the string. There is a setting in the creation phase that lomites use to my IP and not shared on anything other than my web address. There is nothing on the editor site indicating password protected.

Ah, there’s the issue. Clicking the link you provided downloads a ZIP archive, which Jellyfin does not deal with. Jellyfin’s built in guide service will only accept an XML file directly.

Having a look at their website, it looks like there’s a button in the EPG configuration for “Enable compression”. Turn that off and try again.

Oh and just to be safe, you’ll want to make a new URL for that EPG config, because having it in the screenshot and now as a link means it’ll get picked up by bots or others.