Error creating new users

Hello everyone, first of all, thank you for the great work you do with Jellyfin. I installed Jellyfin (v 10.6.4 windows x64) a few days ago and so far everything has worked perfectly, but when I go to create a new user it gives me the following error. " There was an error processing the request. Please try again later. " If anyone could help me with the matter, that would be of great help. Thank you very much in advance. Attached photo, sorry that it is in Spanish is that it is the language in which I use it.

I would recommend you to try and using the latest unstable 10.7.0 RC3, i switched from stable due to issues, today theres other issues from update to update, but its been fixed quiet fast :slight_smile:

Hi Syrus,

I suggest you try creating a new user again while you take note of the exact time (at the second) and look around this time in the logs see if Jellyfin can tell you more about what is wrong. Share the bit of logs as suggested :slight_smile:

I will try, thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

I will, thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello everyone and thanks to those who tried to help, I know it will seem strange but I reinstalled the Jellyfin and put the language in English and it let me create the new users, it did not give me any more problems, the strange thing is that it continues to appear in Spanish despite having put it in English :joy: :joy: