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After trying Emby I discovered the Jellyfin project So now I run Jellyfin.

At the moment we watch all movies and tv shows via smb. We do this via laptops and android boxes connected to a tv with kodi. We use kodi only in “browse files” mode so we get a nice list of all new files on the share just like with windows and smb shares.
Want to see latest arrivals. Just order by date. Want to see by show. just sort by alphabet. Very simple but very effective.

The main reason to look for a different solution was to be able to play my media easily from anywhere in the world. This sort of works but for almost all my media jellyfin starts to transcode when using the webbrowser.

When I was testing emby on android I could open the network url in an external player (mx player or vlc or bsplayer) and I got a direct stream (or play?) and my little server at home was just streaming and taking no cpu at all. Which was perfect. I also managed to do this in emby theatre when configuring an external player. But I than noticed you had to pay 120 dollar for the program which is a bit much and that is how I found jellyfin.

Anyway. I think jellyfin can do the same if only I would know the url to use.

I did manage to play a tv show from internet. First I choose download in the webclient (firefox) on windows. I aborted the download but that let me copy the download link in the download manager. I pasted the download link into vlc (open url) and I could watch it flawlessly.

Why is there no link in the webplayer of jellyfin that lets me copy paste the url into vlc or bsplayer? It should be super simple to show it there and that would solve all problems right? The external players usually handle most codecs (and if not just add the missing codec) so transcoding should never be needed.



I know the External Player handling had to be taken out. If I recall, it’s because it depended a lot on custom stuff that Emby didn’t release as open source.

That said, the client team is aware, and they’re looking at getting that support back in at some point. It will be built in though, not as a “here’s the URL” thing. There are concerns with security when used like that.



Thank you for your reply.

Good to hear your thinking about external players.

The “URL thing” was just a suggestion as a quick temporary way to easily get media playing. Since I can also download and expose the link this way it seems just as (un)secure to me as downloading?

But it is an ugly solution for sure.

Anyway it turns out that playing media on my phone or tabled in the browser isn’t that bad after all. Only on the laptop it really shows when the source gets transcoded.

I gues I just have to wait.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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