External player transcoding?

APP: jellyfin TV
TV: Mi Box Pro
player: TV’s default player, as external player

It says “transcoding due to subtitle codec” in dashboard. is it real? Well I suppose it will never transcode using external player.

What type of subtitles are you using? Some subtitles like SSA don’t work without transcoding

it’s transcoding internal ASS subtitle.
but I found it today that it’s also transcoding a 4K movie without any internal internal subtitle, and still prompting for subtitle codec reason.

Shouldn’t it play directly without any transcoding when using a external player?

SSA and ASS are basically the same so yeah it will transcode.

When using an external player we don’t know what codecs the player will support, so the app makes a “best guess” for that.

Massive improvements for playback are being worked on and will be added after the next release.

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is there any configurable so I can make jellyfin server think the player can play everything?

Not at this moment, no

You could try turning off all Transcoding for your user account, but then you’d have issues when watching via another app or through the web browser.

thanks. it works, though with high CPU usage, 4K playback is fluent.
It say something about converting in the dashboard, not transcoding, I guess that’s why CPU usage is high.