Feature request for metadata

Hi there everyone! I just wanted to give a short input on a feature that would be very useful (at least for me and probably a few others).
It would be great to have the ability to blacklist certain genres for a specific library.
Example: I have two movie libraries. One of them is for anime movies and the other one for normal hollywood stuff etc… It would be great to blacklist the genre animation for that library as all movies have that genre to begin with!
Another feature that I´d like is the ability to select multiple items in the metadata section of jellyfin to mass-change metadata.
Example: I added a lot of Bud Spencer movies to my library and wanted to add the aspect ratio of each film. As almost all of them have the same aspect ratio i wanted to select all of them to add the 16:9 metadata but to my suprise it only added that to the last movies i mass-selected.

Thanks for hearing me out and have a great day!