Filter by Date Created


I am relatively new to Jellyfin and am trying to use the API to find items with a specific creation date. I’ve been referring to the Emby API documentation and am not seeing how to do that using the Items endpoint – perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place?

Ultimately, I’m trying to implement something like Timehop for my personal pictures/videos/audio collection by querying Jellyfin. I’m not sure if it’s best as a plugin or something standalone, but first I’m just making sure that I can get the data.

Thanks for the help!

Another way to check the API calls that are in use is looking at the network inspector in your browser tools. For example, this is the request that the web client makes when pulling a list of songs sorted by DateAdded.{my_user_id}/Items?SortBy=DateCreated,SortName&SortOrder=Ascending&IncludeItemTypes=Audio&Recursive=true&Fields=AudioInfo,ParentId&StartIndex=0&ImageTypeLimit=1&EnableImageTypes=Primary&Limit=100&ParentId=7e64e319657a9516ec78490da03edccb

Without testing myself, I believe it can be shortened down to /Users/{my_user_id}/Items?SortBy=DateCreated,SortName&Recursive=true&ParentId={library_id}.

I’m not sure if you can query for only a certain date range, though. That part might have to be implemented client side. Afaik, the closest thing is filtering based on a given year, but I’m not sure how well that will work with images.

That’s a nice tip about the network inspector – thanks!

If it’s not possible to filter by a specific date server-side, I’ll just pump the brakes on this idea for now and revisit it at a later date.

Thanks again!