GPG key not loading

Hi people, using ubuntu and trying to install jellyfin [10 times] in terminal. The fist time it progressed through getting the key and adding it, power was lost so tried to redo after power back on. Each time since i get to the key which i see on the screen but when i try to add it gets stuck, i restart then avoid the add and continue and at the end of install tells me it is unsigned. Went onto debian and the same thing. how do i move forward with this,please.

That seems very strange - it was the GPG import command that failed correct? What is the exact output if you re-run the command and when you run apt update?

Hey joshuaboniface thanks for replying. No it was adding the gpg key. Ended up sorting it out but have moved on to another issue re nvme and ssd drives not able to be found. But leaving that for the moment till i get my head around it. Still a semi newbie. Using another emmc, i am trying openmediavault as it sees and shares my drives no problems but as i would prefer Jellyfin i will keep researching. Thanks again.