How can I use the hardware transcoder on QNAP

Jellyfin Version: 10.6.4
Operating System: Linux (QNAP)
Architecture: X64

I’ve installed jellyfin via docker image on a QNAP TS-451A
A HDHomerun Expand (4 Tuners) is available and jellyfin found it on the network. Still i can not figure out how to use hardware transcoding for liveTV playback. Tried all different available options from the dropdown list in jellyfin. None of them work.

Since I have plex running as well on that QNAP, i know the device is fast enough to playback liveTV instantly without any hickups. So, how can I get jellyfin to do that too?

Are there any restrictions because it is running in a docker container on the QNAP?

my guess is, jellyfin in the docker is using the “wrong/slower” ffmpeg

path in settings:

Have you get VAAPI configured by following

I will take a look into that. Just got a roku and the playback of the live tv channels there is working like it should. So I guess using a browser (firefox) to connect to the jellyfin server and watch livetv is not a great choice.