How-to for converting Plex users

Hi All, first post.

I’m a long term plex user, with plex pass, hosting a server with about 20 users, all except 3 are remote, I rarely get any more than 5 streams at a time and almost all of my media is mkv/mp4 H264 so it direct plays.

Current setup is an 8th gen i5 Intel NUC (Win10) server, with media stored on a QNAP TS431-P NAS, this meets my requirements easily and my internet upload speed is the limiting factor.

After yet another outage today of the Plex API server caused no access for all my external users, and the rubbish Plex support system, I’m looking elsewhere.

Is there a simple step by step guide to setup a Jellyfin server to meet these needs? I should be ok with the basic Jellyfin setup, but the instructions for reverse proxy and SSL setup look to be a little above my ability level.

I have setup a DNS name on which was very straight forward.

There are a lot of unhappy campers over at Plex, but also many comments about how hard Jellyfin is to set up - a step by step guide wold probably bring a lot of users over, I know it’s only the setup preventing me changing right now

We have documentation available at We try to make it as clear as possible so everyone is able to use Jellyfin. If there is anything you don’t understand feel free to ask.

I have it up and running now, have set up 2 local users who are both on Fire TV Sticks and have the browser interface sorted. So far it’s looking pretty good.

Library scanning for Metadata and images is a lot slower than Plex, that’s not such a problem, once the library is scanned it should only be incremental updates.

I’m still not confident how to tackle the Reverse Proxy and SSL so remote users will have to wait. Plex does this seamlessly, but I guess if I want to get away from reliance on someone elses server I need to learn this.

You dont need a reverse proxy if you can just use the native ports. I too am a former plex user and I have 2 different Jellyfin servers at different locations, both with SSL. I do run a basic web server on port 80 just so I can automatically renew letsencrypt certs and then import to Jellyfin directory. When users connect they just are provided the fully qualified name and port for their devices. (https://yourdnsname:8920.)

what OS are you using for the server?
If Linux I could help you set evrything up with docker

This could be just what I need, are your servers windows based?

Thanks for the offer of help, but the server is Win10 based

No I am a Linux guy but should be much different for you to setup.

So I have set up a self signed certificate and done some testing remotely using my phone (with the wifi off to force it to be remote).

The iPhone App connects fine (and looks great) over a non-secure connection on port 8096, but obviously I want a secure connection.

Setting “secure connection mode” to “Required for all remote connections” the phone will not connect using the Jellyfin app, but will connect using browser on port 8920. Same with Infuse.

Being able to use remotely on my phone is a necessity for me to covert from Plex, is there any workaround for this, or is an app update in the works? Some of my external users are on AppleTV so I’m assuming they may have the same issue.

All my home users are pretty happily using Jellyfin (On FireTV Stick) instead of Plex now. I want to get this working (preferably with a trusted certificate to prevent the warnings) before I start pushing it out to a selection of my remote users for testing.

Where do I go from here?

See if this helps for windows.

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Thanks @chrismal, that looks like just what I need, now if only I could find some time to try it!

That guide was just what I needed, I now have my reverse proxy set up as per the guide and can access remotely and securely. Thanks heaps @chrismal

Now I just to convince my external users Plex is bad and Jellyfin is good.

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Disconnect the Plex server; they’ll learn to either use Jellyfin or go without entertainment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got a couple of users on Apple TV, one in particular an Aussie living in Canada who misses Aussie TV, having issues with the Infuse App not getting LiveTV.

Also a few users holding out for the Tizen App to be released.

All my other users are now on Jellyfin.

I will keep Plex running for myself anyway, probably with only my music library, the new PlexAmp app that works in Apple Carplay is very cool, I paid for a lifetime pass years ago so it costs me nothing to keep it going.

Your argument for jellyfish isn’t so great
So right out the gate I download jellyfish and there’s some kind of bug you can’t use Microsoft edge To select the language
strike 1
Then I go through and set up my media and time to run jellyfish but it says it needs a user name and I don’t remember adding one at the start so I decided to uninstall it I’ll try it later tomorrow
strike 2
I’m afraid I don’t want to keep going further because I read step five for pc users I don’t even know why you would need to do that
Is it this awful because I have a PC I was thinking about moving to Mac this year but Covid broke out and I don’t know how much longer I’m going to live Not only that they’re changing from Intel

These new Internet companies don’t use any phone numbers so you can Not get personal help I’m glad it’s free because I’m not paying for another service that nobody will talk to me
Ps since you use Plex maybe you could help me for some reason it’s force transcoding and it’s not direct playing that’s why I moved to jellyfish I think it’s an update problem it happened last year and completely shut down my server and I couldn’t find it on any of my devices but I can play it on my PC i’m not new to computers but I don’t do this technical crap either Where you have to mess with the settings

The Jellyfin setup is most certainly a little more complex than Plex and if you are not confident in your computer skills Plex is probably the way to go for you.

If you are having issues with Plex (or Jellyfin) transcoding look at your media, if it’s not something your player device can play - that will always require transcoding regardless of what system you are using. There are plenty of guides around to use free applications (such as Handbrake) to encode into a suitable format

Thanks for the reply this is the last time I’m going to bother you ( I think I’m going to stay away from jellyfin ) I think I’m having a bigger problem with my computer network where I used to be able to see Plex media server running under file explorer either under this PC or under network I don’t see it anymore and I think that might be part of the problem I’m having and that’s why jellyfish is not running neither If you could tell me if it would be there Thanks
Ps all my files are mp4

Yes, I have both Plex and Jellyfin running and neither are showing up in my network display on Windows explorer, but I do seem to recall Plex used to be there, both are working so I wouldn’t assume anything by them not being there.

Music collection when sorting by Artists, in Jellyfin there is no Artist picure and it doesn’t look great, but Plex does this well.

I suspect I probably have a setting wrong, can someone help me out?

Please, no comments about my taste in music - I have teenage children…

It should get a picture from MusicBrainz, but their API is heavily rate-limited so it may take some time. We are looking at eventually hosting our own mirror of the data.