I can't add a second server in Jellyfin app on android

I’m probably being very stupid, but I can’t find a way to add a second server in the app. I used to be able to add another server (giving me two) or choose between the two. Now, when I go to “Select Server” I can’t see an option to add the second server.

Thank you for any help.

Hello, it’s not stupid at all : i was also surprised last we when i tried to set up 2 different servers (one for LAN and one for WAN).
Result was that i only managed to store one in my app.

For now, i only use the WAN. It’s not so embarassing.

Ah. I’m happy it isn’t me. They must have changed the app. Thank you for the information

We chose to support only a single server when we rewrote the app from scratch. Multi-server support will come back in the future.

Niels, thank you for the information. And also, for adding it in again.