Instalation on Windows 7 Pro



My understanding of English is very low a chance I had Google …:hear_no_evil:
thank you in advance

I already installed plex and Emby but I do not understand how to do it for Jellyfin.

I downloaded the file

And I copy them in “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Jellyfin”
I then start the file “install.bat” and “jellyfin.exe”
This is followed by an error message “The program has stopped working”

Thank you


Hi odeon. I’m not sure what’s caused that but you’ve downloaded the x64 version and copied it to the x86 programs folder which could be the problem. Try the following to get up and running.

Copy the files to a folder called jellyfin in C:\ then run jellyfin.exe this should open up a window like this

Then your browser should automatically open with the following page:


Hi Travis

Thank you for your comments

I moved the files to C: \ and I started jellyfin.exe in administrator mode and I still received an eraser message.