Install on Win7 64 bits VM?

I have a virtual machine running windows 7 64 bits, and every time i try to run the jellyfin installer it opens terminal and closes immediately.

Are there any unspecified requirements for jellyfin? Am i missing something?


What version did you download? The Windows version should be a self contained application.

Have you also tried the installer file?

Latest version for x64 windows.

Yes, that’s all i tried, the installer, but nothing.

Sorry, missed the installer part at the beginning. As long as your Windows 7 install is SP1 or newer (preferably with all the latest updates) it should work. I mention this because you say it’s on a VM - do you have the option of running it on whatever your host OS is?

To try and catch the error, you can try this:

  • open a Command Prompt (cmd)
  • Get to your download directory where Jellyfin is
  • Try running the Powershell script install-jellyfin.ps1

There is also an easier Windows installation method that will hopefully arrive soon, but it’s maybe a month out at best.

To elaborate on this you’ll need PowerShell 3 or higher to use the installer. If you want to just do it manually you can copy all the files to where you want jellyfin to run from, then open a command window in that directory and type

nssm.exe install jellyfin

This will open a gui to install as a service.