Is there a 32bit version available?

Here, it says the 32bit version is not recommended because ffmpeg works much better using the 64bit version:
However, I do not want to use transcoding as my system I’m using for the server is very old and is being repurposed.
The CPU is only 32bit, not only that, it only has 512mb RAM which isn’t enough for the 64bit version of Windows.

I cannot find the 32bit version in the downloads section.

Emby works fine except the web UI keeps bugging on my client PC, where it plays, but the controls don’t appear, and i get a loading circle in the middle of the screen constantly. If I close the browser, reopen it, and try to play something else, it never loads, unless I restart the emby server.

This is why I want to try Jellyfin. That and it’s free and open source.


I found the version before the latest version, which has an x86 portable version. Sometimes the video plays back find, and other times it buffers incredibly slow, when that happens it says “Fetching additional data” in the bottom right. It eventually finishes, and it plays back fine.

A lot of stuff is being tuned to work under more recent browsers and backend technology, so I don’t know how well that will work (or for how long).

I don’t think we package a 32-bit/x86 version any more for some other technical reasons though.

I fixed the issue, it seems to be when the server is extracting the SRT file, and I think because I’m using rclone it had severe performance issues. I set it to not enable subtitles by default and it works perfectly now.

Also the nighties still seem to have an x86 version, but I don’t know how stable they are