Is there any diffrence in players for lossless music?

I’m not well versed in the whole lossless game yet, I get some uncompressed flacs and im happy, but some say some players play the music “properly” when others cannot.

Is that true or are they talking out of their asses? If not, how does jellyfin stack up in terms of a player?


So I’m not 100% versed in this issue, but from what I understand, it boils down to the “output chain”.

You have to consider a few areas:

  • the bitrate and sample rate of the file
  • whether the playback app can support files of that type
  • what mechanism does the playback app use to play the audio (is it passed off to system software, does it use its own decoder, etc)
  • how does the hardware handle the audio (does the DAC support output at that sample rate)

So eventually, it will come down to the hardware that you’re using to playback the files. Other than that, if it’s Direct Play (which it should be for FLAC), we’re using the browser’s built in audio player, which will pass off to the system software for audio playback. So we’re not touching anything, it’s the rest of the system you have to check.