Jellyfin Android App Issues


I recently converted to Jellyfin after a lackluster experience with plex. I am running rented storage space from a server provider where a music folder contains all of my music. From there Jellyfin is pointed at that library and reading music. I had zero issue with setup and on desktop the application works without issue. It’s on the android mobile phone app that I’m encountering the most problems.

I like to listen to my music on my patio which involves a bluetooth speaker connected to my phone and my phone playing music via the jellyfin app. Yesterday was the final straw in the irritation that comes from operating it. I open the app, navigate to a playlist, connect to the speaker, and play the playlist. When I turn on “shuffle” it seems to all go to hell. Unless I power the phone screen back on and tap “next”, the application will display a spinning wheel as though it is looking for the next song but, for whatever reason, cannot get to it. It will spin in perpetuity unless I tap “next”. This doesn’t seem to be an issue if shuffle is turned off.

Is anyone experiencing this? It’s driving me crazy. With the collapse of Google Play Music there simply isn’t any good music locker service that I can find and Jellyfin made the most sense considering there was compatibility via my server provider but the lack of functioning mobile app is giving me second thoughts. I own a Google Pixl 3 XL phone if that makes any difference. Is there any way to fix this on my end? Perhaps a change to some settings?

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

If you’re listening to music on Android, then I highly recommend using Gelli. It’s available from the F-Droid store here:

It’s made by an official team member, and we endorse it.

We’re also working on a brand new Android app with enhanced playback functionality. This issue might be fixed already in this new app.

My issue involves audio playback (distorted audio) on the android app whenever I minimize the app or turn off the screen. Is this a known issue? Toggle off battery optimization doesn’t fix it, either.

This issue is tracked at

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