Jellyfin Android

Trying to use the Jellyfin app outside my network and I get this screen or just a complete black screen. Unsure how to proceed. It can confirm it works and play on my local network just not outside because the app won’t load now.
I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling just to make sure.

EDIT: I can connect through the web using IP and port outside of local network.

Best way to access Jellyfin outside Network is to use a reverse proxy.

Look at


It’s not too hard to set up really.

I can access the server and play content through chome on android when I input my ip and port as the URL. Its seems like its a bug in the app and not something on my end.

Maybe Im wrong.

Also Im not really into having to use a bunch of third party apps or software just to get the app to work. It should work and I shouldnt have to do anything like your suggesting to make that happen.

Also I shouldnt need a static IP, not my local up but the external. Never used one before with Plex or Emby and there app work fine for the most part. I mean at least I can open their apps outside the home network. For some reason I can’t with the Jellyfin app if I’m not connected to my home network.

The IP address you’re entering in your screenshot isn’t a publicly routable address. As such, there’s no way that particular address will work outside of your LAN.

You don’t need to use a third party app for a reverse proxy, but it’s highly recommended for easier security with certificates and not needing to specify a port number in your URLs.

Plex and Emby don’t strictly need a static IP for your local server because they have centralized authentication that you bounce through. ie: logging in through or Emby Connect don’t go directly to your server, they go through their hosted servers first. At a minimum, you need to have a publicly routable IP address and to open the appropriate port(s) in your firewall to allow traffic in.


I noticed that as well. The ip I use through the android chrome web is the external IP and not the local. I’ll look into both of your suggestions and see if I can get that figured out. Until than the android chrome works as a quick fix. Thanks.

This “black screen issue” happens to me as well sometimes. I think it’s an issue with the android app. Normally clearing the app cache/ data help solve this. But after a while it happens again.

It might be when you for example access from one IP address, and then access from another. I think the app get’s confused (not clearing previous IP).

I am no IT expert sorry :slight_smile: