JellyFin Blank Libraries

Dear JellyFin Mods

I have installed the JellyFin Version: 10.6.4 on my Rasp Pi4B/8G on 64bit Raspbian image.

Install successful, service running successful, add media from my external disk (ext4) successful, data started loading in the respective folders fine (Movie & Pic). Enabled hardware throttle with OpenMAX OMX

After an hour of sync, opened the JellyFin app in FireTV 4K, saw the libraries and the movies, played a couple of movies fine. 1080p to be clear.

Tried with a 4k movie, it just crashed. So press back, and tried to access the libraries… nothing in there.

Restarted the Jellyfin Service. Restarted Pi. Still the libraries are blank. When i try playing from the folder, end up with error “This client isn’t compatible with the media and the server isn’t sending a compatible media format.”

Did duckduckgo and google, nothing in specific.

Can attach screenshot.

Kindly note all other settings remains defaults

Please advise