Jellyfin + Dish Hopper

I’m doing remote admin. I installed Jellyfin after other DLNA apps failed.

The machine is running version:10.6.11 on Ubuntu 20.04

Previously, Kodi was sending video to the Samsung TV. Choosing the “Play Using” dialog would list the Smart TV as an option and so forth…

Then, when the client had Dish installed everything changed. Now Kodi no longer lists the Smart TV as an option for “Play Using”. Instead you only see 2 Hopper devices. Selecting either of the listed Hopper devices produces no output of any kind. So, Kodi is no longer able to function as it had. It’s as though Hopper has dominated UPnP and is blocking visibility of the Samsung on the network.

Then the attempt was made to retrieve content from the TV using Hopper. Hopper sees the content so Jellyfin is working to that extent (other DLNA servers are similar as they also work to this extent) but selecting any media to play, results in a screen providing controls but no content.

Any insights appreciated…especially from those familiar with the Dish system